Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Fifth Grade Music Performance

This evening, GDW fifth grade students came together to present their music performance, which had a Disney+ theme.  Under the direction of GDW music teachers, Miss Crater and Ms. Ritchie, the students engaged in many musical experiences including sword dancing, singing, and playing ukuleles.  Their final number was our GDW School Song.  What a wonderful culmination of their elementary school general music experiences! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dr. Scarpino Visits GDW

Today, Dr. Scarpino, D300 School Board Member, visited Gary D. Wright Elementary School.  During his time at GDW, Dr. Scarpino was able to capture many photos, which can be viewed by visiting his Facebook page: Dr. David J. Scarpino, D300 School Board Member.  On behalf of the Wildcats, I would like to thank Dr. Scarpino for another wonderful visit!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Congratulations, Mrs. Fewell & Mrs. Raadsen!

On behalf of the Gary D. Wright Elementary School learning community, I would like to congratulate Mrs. Fewell (Third Grade Teacher) and Mrs. Raadsen (Paraeducator) on their recent recognition as GDW's nominees for the D300 Foundation For Educational Excellence Distinguished Educator and School Employee of the Year Awards.  Mrs. Fewell and Mrs. Raadsen will be honored at the upcoming Foundation Awards Banquet.  We are so proud of these outstanding women and their dedication to our GDW school community!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Wildcats Perform at Combined Band Concert

This evening, our Wildcats performed at a combined band concert featuring students from Gary D. Wright Elementary School, Hampshire Elementary School, and Hampshire Middle School.  It was a lovely, music-filled evening.  Way to go, Wildcats!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

PTO's Daddy Daughter Dance

Our PTO's Daddy Daughter Dance was extra sweet thanks to this year's theme!  Out Wildcat girls and their special guests enjoyed a fun night filled with music, dancing, photos, amazing decorations, and sweets!  A huge thanks to our PTO for coordinating such a special event!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

NAESP's "Report to Parents" - Reinforce Math Skills With Everyday Activities

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) offers a monthly publication, Report to Parents.  This edition of Report to Parents, "Reinforce Math Skills With Everyday Activities", offers fun ideas for families to incorporate math into daily life without a lot of time, effort, or expense.  Click here to access this report.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

GDW Named D300 Food Pantry's 2019 K-8 Hunger Champion

Congratulations are in order!  Gary D. Wright Elementary School has earned the D300 Food Pantry's highest annual honor - 2019 HUNGER CHAMPIONS. This distinction is awarded to the D300 K-8 school and high school that donates the most weight in food and non-food items during the calendar year.  Our school's donation of 4,452 pounds in 2019 was an outstanding show of support towards the D300 Food Pantry's mission to "Keep The Kids Fed". The D300 Food Pantry could not function to assist families without the support of school communities like ours. To commemorate this recognition achieved by Gary D. Wright Elementary School, on behalf of our school, I had the honor of being presented with a trophy at the D300 Food Pantry's annual board meting.  The trophy will be proudly displayed in the glass cabinet in our school's lobby.  This is truly such exciting news.  I am so proud of our Gary D. Wright Elementary School learning community for our incredible support of the D300 Food Pantry.  Thank you to our Wildcat students, staff, families, and community members for your generosity.  Way to go, Wildcats!  May we continue to support this amazing organization for years to come!  In honor of Super Bowl Sunday and our Hunger Champion trophy, let's continue to show our support throughout the next week with GDW's very own Souper Bowl Challenge.  Throughout the week of February 3-7, GDW students and staff are encouraged to bring in a can of soup (or other canned good).  Donations will benefit the D300 Food Pantry.